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The Perfect Cup Of Tea ☕

The Perfect Cup Of Tea ☕

6 Essential Tea-Making Rules

Are you a tea-brewing master? Make sure not to break any of these 6 essential rules:

1. Steep your tea for at least 5-7 minutes.

One of the, if not the most important part of preparing your TRIMTUF tea is how long you steep it. For the common tea bag, the optimal amount of time is 5-7 minutes to get the perfect color and flavor out of the tea leaves. You're probably reading this on your phone, so we know you have a timer... use it! Be careful not to steep it for longer than 10 minutes though or it can actually cause the tea to burn! 🔥

2. Don't leave the teabag in your cup.

We know, ain't nobody got time to be sitting around waiting for 5 minutes to go by just so you can remove the tea bag from the cup. However, allowing the tea bag to sit in your cup for too long will result in a bitter flavor, and can cause your mouth to feel dry after each sip! Besides, who wants to deal with that pesky, mushy little bag at the bottom of the cup? Try and get the last few drops out of your drink and be prepared to get smacked in the face by a hot bag of tea!

3. Try to stay away from using the microwave.

In another effort to save time, many people tend to simply heat their water up in the microwave instead of on the stove. While it's not harmful to use a microwave to heat up water, it may cause for an imperfect balance of tea flavors. In order to get the best flavors out of your tea, water must come to a rolling boil in your pot or kettle before combined with your tea bag. However, because of the way microwaves work, there is no clear indication that your water is at a boiling temperature. The microwave will keep heating up the water, even past boiling temperature without any bubbles! The uneven temperature of the water won't steep the tea bag properly, and won't result in the perfect cup of tea.

4. No need to squeeze the tea bag.

One common myth about tea is that you need to squeeze every last drop out of that poor tea bag in order to get all of the flavor from it. This is totally unnecessary, and in fact can actually cause your tea to taste even more bitter! And why get your fingers wet anyway?

5. Choose the right water.

When it comes to taste, there's no real right or wrong answer when choosing your water source. Some people may prefer the taste of tap water in their tea, while others only use filtered/bottled water. This can also depend on the quality of the water in your area, but regardless we encourage you to try different types to see which you prefer for yourself!

6. Make sure everything is clean.

This may seem like a no-brainer, but sometimes laziness sets in and using an unwashed teapot or cup looks like a good idea. This won't necessarily be harmful to you, but it can cause some unwanted residue or even dust to be boiled straight into your next cup of tea! Gross! Even a small amount can have a huge impact on flavor, so keep it clean!

Ready for your perfect cup of tea?



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