Who remembers us from our initial launch on June 16, 2014??? Yup we've been around since. Our company was created to help serve the weight loss community with our products and services. We created the 10 Day Fat Burner tea as our first product to help people who struggle losing weight. The Fat Burner is made of strong plant based ingredients and we knew this was going to be the perfect product to help our customers lose weight. We carefully formulate new products every 6 months and we only release products we truly believe in that actually work. Since then, we also have created an online weight loss program that's a physical fitness routine. These exercises are meant to target Fat Loss. It's our secret weapon to our full weight loss system. Now we have opened our first TRIMTUF facility in San Jose, Ca. where we are experimenting with our full system with new members of our facility. The members get to join our workout classes we offer as well as get to use our products to help them lose weight and get in shape. We will be opening more TRIMTUF facilities soon as we see that this has been a new successor for our company and for the members of our facilities. We now offer memberships online, or to our local facility. The membership is for our workout classes and to be helped with personal training and meal plans that we offer online and at our facility as well through our staff.Being a TRIMTUF member is very helpful because our workouts classes keep you consistent and our staff offers all TRIMTUF products to stay on track with weight loss. We are a better option then weight watchers or jenny craig. Most weight loss programs don't offer a full supportive system like we do today. We are excited to expand and grow TRIMTUF across multiple cities and states. Comment your questions or feedback below.