Our newest natural blend of Safflower Oil and CLA is specifically made to target the MOST STUBBORN BELLY FAT!

Our goal has always been to use strong, active natural ingredients and that's exactly what we did here!

Why this product? In this day and age, we do not get enough quality nutrients in our foods. The Fatty Acids that are in this CLA product are responsible for replacing existing fat cells that are cluttered specifically around your body and belly.

The average person only gets about 97mg of Fatty Acids in their daily intake. In order to replace those stubborn fats, you need to consume above 3000mg of Fatty Acids daily. That's why the CL-ABS has been a customer favorite.

We guarantee the highest grade of ingredients. All of our products have been processed through an FDA approved facility. We have also tested these products with the members at our very own gyms to get real time feedback.