Our 10 Day Fat Burner packs each contain 10 specially formulated tea bags inside. These tea bags have each been designed to be used 2 times per serving.

For best results, you will be making two 8 oz cups of tea (using only 1 tea bag) every morning OR night depending on your schedule.

If you’d like, you may also prepare the tea ahead of time and then take it in a travel mug to drink as you go throughout the day!

Boil 16 oz of water, this will be enough for two separate cups of tea.

Place 1 tea bag inside of your cup, and pour 8 oz of hot water inside. Let this steep for about 5-7 minutes until it turns a dark gold color, then remove the tea bag. You may use the remaining 8 oz of hot water for your second cup.

You can enjoy TRIMTUF Tea hot or cold!

Follow these instructions for 10 Days straight. If you are planning on continuing past the 10 Days, make sure to take a 2 Day break in between cycles. Drink your tea on an empty stomach for MAX Results!