Become a TRIMTUF Coach and start building your business up today! The opportunity is huge. People love our products, they love our workouts. Now they just need to meet you! What we offer is a unique opportunity to share TRIMTUF with people in the most fashionable and trustworthy way. We help you with marketing and advertising as well as send you products frequently to do giveaways and to help you build your clients! You will also get a unique discount code and website url to refer customers that you can't get to. Becoming a local TRIMTUF Coach is exciting. You will go through a certification program and knowledge program first. Once you pass we will give you the permission to start building your business with the TRIMTUF Coach opportunity. It's awesome and exciting and you have a lot of support from us to help you grow your business. At this time we're only excepting TRIMTUF Coaches on an invite basis. If you feel you're ready and want to give this a try please send us an email and let us know why we should work with you. As well as your experience.