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$ 49.99 USD$ 37.99 USD


$ 49.99 USD$ 37.99 USD

- Absorb 100% of the protein, no gas or discomfort

- Fuels your muscles without gaining fat

- The highest quality protein on the market

We Finally came out with Protein! It took us a long time to learn about different protein powders and the benefits they really play in our active lifestyles. The real question is, what protein are you using right now?

For starters, we strongly agree that ingredients make a difference. And with our new protein blend, we have put together one of the best proteins in the GAME!

Yes, there are many more affordable proteins that may look and taste similar. However, if you do a bit more research on them, you'll discover that the more affordable the price, the cheaper the quality. We went with the highest grade of protein available which is Whey Isolate. This is the cleanest form of Whey Protein because it filters out most of the excess carbohydrates and fats that regular Whey Protein consists of.

And the best part, Prohydrolase! This is another investment we made into this product to make it the best protein in the market. Prohydrolase works by breaking down the protein as soon as you mix it with water. That means that once you consume it, by the time it reaches your small intestine it will be fully broken down and allow you to absorb 100% of the protein.

We are proud to say that any protein out there on the market today without this specific ingredient is causing a majority of your protein shake to be wasted. Without Prohydrolase, the proteins are not being broken down quickly enough by your body, and will end up causing gas, discomfort, and the protein that is not absorbed is simply wasted!